Evaluating Your Overseas Consultant: 5 Questions You Must Ask

As a blogger and student ambassador helping overseas aspirants, I come across many students grappling to find the right education consultant. While agents promise the moon, assessing competence thoroughly feels tough.

Through this blog – part of a series around enabling your study abroad success - I provide research-backed questions to evaluate consultant suitability holistically across parameters like knowledge, transparency and ethics.

Finding an expert truly aligned to enabling your global ambitions requires asking sharp questions upfront instead of signing up blindly. Hence do review the pointers in my compilation below collated from various industry perspectives and real student concerns.

This series covering different aspects aims to ease your international admissions journey with wise, ethical counsel every step of the way!

Questions to Ask Before Finalizing an Overseas Consultant:

  1. What parameters do you use for shortlisting universities to recommend?
  2. How is the course you suggested suitable for my career goals despite lower university ranking?
  3. Do job trends related to my interested course guide your university recommendations?
  4. Please elaborate on the application-to-arrival process step-by-step along with tentative timelines.
  5. Which universities allow more flexibility to shape my own customized study path?

Be wise in assessing any favoritism. Verify if consultants justify their guidance objectively, instead of pushing specific universities due to commercial partnerships.

While the above compilation helps evaluate suitability, please share other study abroad concerns for me to cover through this blog series! Let’s make this journey smoother and risk-free for every aspirant.

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Disclaimer: The perspectives shared in this blog series are not intended to be prescriptive. They should act merely as viewpoints to aid overseas aspirants with helpful guidance. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research before availing the services of a consultant.