Top Reasons to Enroll in a German Language Course for Studying in Germany

Germany has become an increasingly popular study destination for international students - with tuition-free university programs, world-class education, and a high standard of living. With many degrees offered fully in English, you may wonder why bother learning any German at all?

While it's absolutely possible to get by in English, dedicating some time to learn German can greatly enrich your overall student experience. Here's why learning German language should be on your to-do list.

Ease the Transition

The transition to any new country comes with an adjustment period. Learning German vocabulary and useful phrases ahead of your move can help ease some of the initial culture shock. Knowing basics like greetings, introductions, polite words, numbers, and directions will help you navigate everyday situations with more confidence.

Understanding Germany's Rich Culture

While many Germans are conversant in English, especially in academic and professional settings, the ability to understand German will provide a deeper gateway to fully experiencing the local art, music, literature and media. Germany has an incredibly rich cultural landscape that learning German will allow you to access so much more.

Expand Your Social Opportunities

Making new friends and connections is such an important part of the international student experience. While you’ll certainly meet lots of English-speakers, putting in the effort to learn German will open the door to make meaningful German friendships. Practicing German in casual conversations over coffee, at parties, student events and more is incredibly rewarding.

Boost Your Career Prospects

Germany has the largest economy and job market in Europe. Understanding German at a conversational or business level significantly expands your employment options after graduation across various industries. Top companies value and often require German language skills for applicants to show dedication to seamlessly integrate.

Travel Across Europe

With Germany's central location in Europe, knowing German makes traveling to neighboring German-speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg much more feasible. It also unlocks opportunities to work holidays and summer breaks to countries where German language would be extremely helpful.

Where to Start Learning German?

Luckily, German university programs invest heavily in affordable language learning options for international students through premier language institutes on campus.

Exchange Partners: A complementary way to practice speaking is by pairing up with native German students also learning English. You meet up weekly to alternately chat in each language which accelerates learning through real dialogues.

Cultural Immersion: Living in university dorms with German students, participating in university buddy programs to get connected with locals right away, and signing up for student clubs/sports are great ways to add daily German exposure.

Apps and Media: Useful supplements are using websites, apps, podcasts and watching German media (children’s shows on Netflix are very accessible to beginners) to pick up vocabulary and listening comprehension.

Your commitment to engage in language learning will enrich your personal and academic journey enormously. Soon enough, friendly “hallo’s” on campus will turn to lively discussions about life in Germany, all while accelerating towards your career dreams. The effort to learn German will open life-changing doors for your time in Germany and beyond!

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